Game Over: Prosperity for a few, democracy for no one, nationalism for all - and then?

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Two decades after the so accurate predictions of his bestseller Hans-Peter Martin provides an equally explosive analysis: The system crash takes place. Robotics and digitization will exacerbate existing, enormous social inequality, and even in the West, not only the broader populations but also the elite are turning away from democracy. The financial crisis continues to seethe, trade wars threaten, climate change shows its extreme faces, China too.

The apparently unshakable neo-liberal agenda and the accelerating capital accumulation will almost inevitably lead to the deprivation of liberty, the loss of democracy and ultimately to war.

Populists and authoritarian regimes will use the private flood of data of every citizen to consolidate their power. Germany is no longer an island of the blessed. The new nationalism is considered a salvation, but it leads to a spiral of war. Game over. Free play uncertain. And then? The author offers numerous, unconventional ways out.

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Game Over: Wohlstand für wenige, Demokratie für niemand, Nationalismus für alle – und dann?